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And again... 
10:06pm 21/09/2008
  Fandoms: FMA and OP
Rating: T-ish
Pairings: None (Yet, maybe at all)
See my FF.net profile for the summary. A/N's are inside the story.

Where's my defibrillator? 
11:11pm 31/07/2008
  Two years since last post? Wow. This comm has been dead so long I forgot I was a member and went on a search for it XD

Anyways, I finally have a contribution. Here's the prologue of my yet-to-be-named crossover (still in the early planning stages, so expect edits and revamps). Concrit is welcomed. Be gentle.

http://disette.livejournal.com/2787.html#cutid1  < fake cut to my journal. No hyperlink text because I have no html skills. at all. -_-U
06:23pm 17/08/2006
mood: content
It seems that this community has been a bit dead for, um, months now. So, I'm gonna post some stuff in an attempt to revive it! :D

I've written a few FMA crossovers.

(These will link to FF.Net, by the way.)

Intangible { AU, FMA/Pokemon }

Choices and Memories { AU, FMA/Sister Princess }

Reviews are quite welcomed! :3
09:46pm 05/12/2005
  Newb here... (to the community not to fanfic writing ><;;) I'm too drained to come up with any witty comments so I'll just give you a story and flee back to my writings.

TITLE: Sweet Dreams
SERIES: Crossover of Full Metal Alchemist and Yu Yu Hakusho
RATING: Mature
GENRE: angst/supernatural
PAIRING/S: none in this one
SUMMARY: Coming across a world name Amestris, Cody bumps, more like tripped over, by a boy named Edward. Cody finds something she wants, and she'll get it no matter was taboos she has to break.

God I hate beginningsCollapse )

And just so you know, this is to be a multi-chap story. >_> It's not a drabble... so is it still allowed? @_@
Hey! I have free time and boredom.... 
07:51pm 02/10/2005
mood: bored
So throw me a fic request...and Ill write you a 300 word or more drabble/one shot on any fma crossover pairing... Give me a pair and a situation!

(if I am not allowed to do this then feel free to smite me oh powerful community maker)

if you want smut please say so for if im not told to i will assume you do not want it XD
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10:43pm 01/10/2005
  Yo Alli-suan! Joined because of the Sanji x Ed...

Um... And I'll just repost my stupid drabbles... *shifty eyes* No, I'm not trying to show off my crap drabbles, I swear!

Title: Symphathy through Sandwiches
Rating: G
Word Count: 324
Pairing: Luffy x Al > (Sanji x Ed)

Read more...Collapse )

Title: Please Sir, May I Have Some More?
Rating: G
Word Count: 107
Pairing: Sanji x Ed
Read more...Collapse )

Title: Just Like Him
Rating: G
Word Count: 189
Pairing: Sanji < Ed x Russell
Read more...Collapse )

*looks at the members list* *gasp and points* alexi_serenitia! *faints*
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03:22pm 01/10/2005
mood: accomplished
FMA Crossover Fic Recs

Transcending Our Realities ~ FMA/Chrno Crusade ~ It's just one of my favorite fics ever.

Sea Beyond the Gate ~ FMA/One Piece ~ Edward ending up in the One Piece world.

Alternate ~ FMA/Harry Potter ~ A one-shot about a certain HP character's Amestris alter. XD

FMA Crossover Communities

alxaz ~ Dedicated to the pairing of Alfons x Azmaria. It relates to the fic Transcending Our Realities.

tor_crackiness ~ A community for ToR crack. =D

fm_revolution ~ This is for anything relating to crossing over FMA and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

braided_bakas ~ Pairing off Duo Maxwell and Edward Elric.

pot_alchemist ~ For Prince of Tennis/FMA roleplay.

al_x_catgirl ~ In which, Al x any anime catgirl is loved. XD
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