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Hey! I have free time and boredom....

So throw me a fic request...and Ill write you a 300 word or more drabble/one shot on any fma crossover pairing... Give me a pair and a situation!

(if I am not allowed to do this then feel free to smite me oh powerful community maker)

if you want smut please say so for if im not told to i will assume you do not want it XD
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Ooh! This is perfectly acceptable! =D

And I choose...Ed x Makoto (Sailor Jupiter).
O.O IT MUTATED >.> into a long fic >.> WHY! XD oh well now Im intrigued and will finish when I get back from class.

Green and Gold Part 1
Series:Sailor Moon/Full Metal Alchemist
Pairings: Ed/Makoto and Al/Ami

"What is it Al?"
"We're out of cat food"
"AGAIN? Al...how many of those things are you keeping in there?"
Edward seatdropped and inturrupted his brothers counting.
"Just drop it..." He sighed as he looked at Al's sad face, "I'll pick some up on the way home from the library."
"YAY!" Ed winced and tried to ignore the pained yowling coming from his brothers' chestplate as the younger Elric jumped for joy.

Waving goodbye to a happy Al,Ed left the inn they were staying at and set his sights on the Central Library hoping to find a new lead.

He never made it.

Halfway to the Library he heard an odd popping noise coming from above him, followed by loud screaming.
Ed looked up just in time to be blinded by a flash of white and green as a teenage girl landed smack on top of his head.

"I TOLD you we shouldn't have gotten directions from that wierd boy with the bandanna! We messed up the Sailor Teleport and now we're who knows where and we STILL don't know where the youma is!"

Ed woke with a groan and stared blearily up at the five girls arguing above him.

The one in the green skirt-who he vaguely remembered landing on him-must have heard him because she looked over and said."Oh! he's awake now" She came over and Ed looked up..and up and blushed. Now that he could see her up close he realised that she was kind of cute...and was also wearing the shortest skirt he had ever seen in his life. She bent down in concern and as green met gold she gasped.
"Whats wrong,Jupiter?" the one in the red skirt asked
"He...He..." she stuttered
Ed looked at her confused. Why was she looking at him like that?
Out of the corner of his eye he saw the other girls getting concerned and assuming what looked laughingly like battle poses. Ed would have laughed if his brain hadn't been in overdrive trying to figure out what was going on.
"HE LOOKS LIKE MY OLD SEMPAI! But shorter" The green skirted girl said as she threw her arms around him. He got ready to go into a rant but was distracted by her body pressed against his.

The others facefaulted and fell to the ground twitching as Ed blacked out again...but for a different reason.
"So you come from this place called 'Juuban' in some place called 'Japan' and you are warriors of love and justice who fight against monsters...you were misdirected and you ended up here...is that right?"
Ed put his head in his hands.


Lunatics...thats what he was dealing with. A bunch of sailor suited... female.... lunatics

The had introduced themselves as Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars and Jupiter. There was also a girl,even shorter then himself with who had been blindingly pink hair introduced as 'Chibi Moon'
Needless to say the 'chibi' had set him off and after a nice rant and a small misunderstading, they had explained things.

Which brought him back to square one. They were all crazy, and as much as he hated it, he should just call Mustang and hand them over to get proper help.

He looked up from his musings to see the blue skirted one-Mercury, he reminded himself had pulled an odd device over her eye. His natural curiosity piqued he watched as she focused on it a frowned.
"Whats wrong?" He asked
She looked up at him and said.
"I'm getting strange energy readings... It's interfering with my ability to detect the youma."
"...Youma...yeah... well..." Ed was inturrupted by a loud crash and screams coming from the direction of Mustangs office.

Ed x Rebecca (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Something with brownies. Or them arguing over who's smarter. Or something. O.o;;; *shot*

Brownies solve all

"I play giant gear golem in attack!"
"Trap hole"
"Not the genius you thought you were hey Ed."
The short alchemist pouted and crossed his arms.
"it's just a stupid game anyway."
Rebecca shook her head, pigtails flying.
"Am not!"
"Are too"
"Am not"
"you're a SHORT sore loser!"
"Oh...I never said that! and here I thought you were smart."
"i'M A genius! I performed a human transmutation at the age of 12! and I managed to save my brother by putting him in a suit of armor."
"But you'd never would have had to if you had thought things through in the first place! and anyway I'm only 13 and I'm in college!"
Ed sputtered at that for a moment the shot back "I'm beyond college, Ask me anything!"
Rebecca looked at him with a mischievious twinkle in her eye-he would NOT call it cute...he wouldn't
"Oh? Then whats the answer to the ultimate question of life and the universe itself!"
"ummmmm..." Ed hemmed and hawed when suddenly from the corner a vioce piped up
"I know! 42!" Al said happily.
Ed laughed,
"That's the dumbest thing I have ever.."
"Correct!" Rebecca said with a smirk
Ed turned and stared at her mouth hanging open. "WHA?!"
"Hmph it seems that your brother is smarter then you!"
"is not!"
"what can't take it?" Rebecca said, her blue eyes laughing.
It would have degenerated into an all out fight but the day was saved by Rebeccas grandfather...
"KIIIDS! The brownies are done!"
They were about to head in when Yugi walked up from the street.
"Hey,Rebecca..." He blushed, "Would you like to come see a movie with me."
Rebecca was torn...she looked at Yugi then back into Ed's golden eyes,both hopeful and afraid...His eyes asked a question and she nodded.

Ed smiled at her and turned to Yugi.
"We're going in to eat brownies!" He took Rebeccas hand in his and they headed to the house leaving behind a confused Al and Yugi.
The two stared at each other until the silence was broken by:

Yugi blinked

"Anou...Armor-san...Is that a CAT sticking out of your neck?"

Al sweatdropped.

And Rebecca and Ed settled their differences over a plate of brownies...


Er...yes settled their...

They set...oh I give up!

The end

Yes its corny and badly written ^_^;

my kitty kept meowing at me @_@

...>XD I love it. Thank you. You don't know how wide my grin is right now.
: D gladz you liked it twas fun to write!
Um... Ed x Sanji(One Piece) pwease! =3

Uh... Something about Ed's braid?
Ed x Ryoma (Prince of Tennis) xD they are both so small and snarky..
Taking match who's better or something . Thank you.
Alphonse x Yukina (YYH)...something to do with Kittens, birdies, shyness and a first kiss. :3 Please ^^
Please sempai, i'd very much like somethign about hao Asakura (main bad guy in Shaman King) and Russell Tringham, from FMA?

and the situation... They discuss the differences between Alchemy and Shamanistic. (or somethign else.)