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Yo Alli-suan! Joined because of the Sanji x Ed...

Um... And I'll just repost my stupid drabbles... *shifty eyes* No, I'm not trying to show off my crap drabbles, I swear!

Title: Symphathy through Sandwiches
Rating: G
Word Count: 324
Pairing: Luffy x Al > (Sanji x Ed)

Luffy rubbed his stomach as it growled again for the fifth time in the past 30 seconds. He continued to watch his cook and the Alchemist kid talking to each other under the shade of the trees. The captain felt really hungry, really really hungry, but for some reason, he didn't want to go over to the other and interrupt them just so he can eat.

He heard the shuffles of feet against grass behind him and turned to see who it was. There stood Alphonse Elric with a plate of sandwiches. The said boy placed them beside Luffy on the grass.

"You must be hungry Luffy-san."

Luffy took a sandwich and thanked the boy silently, then went back to watching the couple.

Al slowly placed his behind on the grass and folded his legs up to his chest. He crossed his arms over his legs then spoke. "Thank you for finding my nii-san and bringing him back to us Luffy-san."

Luffy averted his gaze to the boy next to him, still chewing on the first bite of the sandwich.

"He looks happier then before... Is it because of Sanji-san?"

Luffy mumbled something.

Al faced the pirate and stared at him for the longest time. "... Luffy-san... Do you like Sanji-san?"

Luffy swallowed and lowered his head so that his hat covered his eyes. "Of course I do... He's one of my nakama... And one of the best cooks ever."

Al blinked a few times, then smiled sadly. "Of course..."

Luffy lifted the sandwich to his lips, then put it down. "...Why does it hurt?"

"...It's alright if you cry Luffy-san..."

"I don't need to... Not anymore anyway..."

"Oh... okay..." Al buried his head into his arms and was surprised to feel tears dripping down him own cheeks.

Luffy placed his arm around the younger boy's shoulders and pulled him closer. He took another bite of the sandwich and chewed slowly as Al cried.

...My pairings are like math problems... I was actually going for Al x Luffy > Sanji x Ed, not (Al x Luffy) > (Ed x Sanji), but oh well, it works anyway. ... I was still wondering what would happen in that FMA/OP X-over , I guess this would happen when they finally go back to Rizenbul(sp?). Al is 10 years old I guess...

Title: Please Sir, May I Have Some More?
Rating: G
Word Count: 107
Pairing: Sanji x Ed

Edward picked up the bowl and emptied the contents quickly. "Ah! That's good soup!"

He licked his lips. "Better then that soup with milk."

Sanji turned around from his place at the stove."Soup with milk?"

The younger boy nodded. "Yeah, I used to have that kind at my hometown. The thing is, I hate milk, but it's really good in soup."

The cook went and sat across from the chibi Alchemist.

"Maybe if you got me the recipe, I can make it for you. Would you like that?"

"..Yeah, I'd like that." He looked down at his empty bowl. "Um... Can I get some more of this?"

Uh... that's it? I thought it was longer... Hm... ...I'm not even sure I got all the facts right. I know Ed likes the milk-soup, but I don't know if it's his favorite soup/food. I was kinda wondering what would happen in that One Piece/FullMetal Alchemist crossover fic, and I thought this might happen. Um... It doesn't even have to be SanjixEd, it could just be interaction...

Title: Just Like Him
Rating: G
Word Count: 189
Pairing: Sanji < Ed x Russell

He felt very uneasy under the older boy's hard stare. He's been trying to ignore it for the past few minutes, but with no one else in the room besides himself and Edward, it was kind of difficult. Russell raked a hand through the hair covering his right eye and sighed.

"What do you want Elric?"

Ed didn't reply, but he did get up and stand close to him. Funny thing was that Ed was hovering over him because Russell was sitting.

Edward slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a black marker. He uncapped it and pointed it towards the Tringham boy. Russell felt a curl was drawn to the end of his eyebrow. He opened his mouth to question until he felt a cigarette was shoved in between his teeth.

No, Edward wasn't done yet. He fished out a long black tie from his red jacket pocket and laced it around the other boy's neck. Surprisingly, he knew how to put it on correctly.

Ed stepped back to admired Russell's new look. He grinned with satisfaction then leaned in to place a kiss on his lips.

So... How'zit? It was after I drew my first SanjixLuffy oekaki picture that someone commented on how many blond haired anime guys with hair covering one of there eyes there were. So I was kinda listing them and I only had Sanji and Russell in mind... And after my SanjixEd craze, I knew I had to write something like this... ....Tringham Russell is spelled this way right?

*looks at the members list* *gasp and points* alexi_serenitia! *faints*

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