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Newb here... (to the community not to fanfic writing ><;;) I'm too drained to come up with any witty comments so I'll just give you a story and flee back to my writings.

TITLE: Sweet Dreams
SERIES: Crossover of Full Metal Alchemist and Yu Yu Hakusho
RATING: Mature
GENRE: angst/supernatural
PAIRING/S: none in this one
SUMMARY: Coming across a world name Amestris, Cody bumps, more like tripped over, by a boy named Edward. Cody finds something she wants, and she'll get it no matter was taboos she has to break.

Lights flickered dangerously. They dimmed, brightened, and then dimmed once more as though a power shortage was taking place. Strobe lights painted the faces purple and yellow. A more fixed skylight was engulfing the stage in shades of blue and green. Electrical wires snaked across the black top. Artificial smoke seethed under people’s feet with the color of a hellish maroon. A deep rumble growled back stage as the thick curtain lifted eerily slow. Somewhere in the distance, a wooden mallet thumped against a snare’s rim. Blue eyes, as lucid as a bell, scanned the crowd before turning to her partner. Raven tresses were flicked away, a silent message to comfort the subordinate. It was her way of saying, “Shut up and play”.

The young half-breeds drew closer. Their human halves seemed to be attracting while the other bloodline sputtered shocks. They stood together, smiling at the crowd. A chant was forming: Rain – Ray—ane! The shy Koorime flushed even if it was illuminated by blue. Rain once again turned to stare at her best friend. The elder, more experienced girl was radiating self-sufficiency. She looked rather domineering in her navy halter-top and black hip huggers. She had chain cuffs and a threaded choker that completely portrayed her personality: rebellious and sexy. Don’t let the name fool you, for she has no masculinity other than her wicked tongue, but she is Cody. Sapphire optics were black as ink currently. It gave a disposition that she had been using some degree of witchcraft. Rain smiled for such was Cody.

The gothic hanyou gripped the microphone, tilting the black stand towards her. Her eyes gleamed mischievously, scanning the crowd. Unlike Rain, she didn’t need to find a face to sing to. Cody was amazing in that all she needed was herself. She had enough spunk to perform anywhere, anytime, no matter what. That was what Rain awed her for. Cody was self-assured even when in the minority. She was merely checking the crowd to make sure she had their attention. And oh, she did.

Lights glared and she shrieked a banshee cry that bounced on the walls and rumbled under their feet.

“We’re not gonna be just a part of their games, we’re not gonna be just the victims. They’re taking our dreams and they tear them apart ‘til everyone’s the same. I’ve got no place to go! I’ve got nowhere to run! They’d love to watch me fall!” Rain jerked up her microphone and shouted with Cody, “They think they know it all!”

Curtains lifted to reveal Tae and Ayeka. Tae punched down on the drums while Cody sang out, “I’m a nightmare, a disaster!” Rain picked up with “they think they know it all” and Cody grinned. Ayeka’s guitar revved with a mighty roar as smoke wafted through the gymnasium. “I’m a lost cause! Not a hero! But I’ll make it on my own. I’ve gotta prove them wrong!” The two put their heads together, shouting “Me against the world!”

Cody slipped backstage. Tae and Ayeka were already gone. They hardly ever stuck around for the mobbing of fan boys. However, Cody couldn’t blame them. Ayeka was horribly shy and Tae just hated stuff like that. Rain didn’t mind all that much, but Cody adored it. She loved having everyone’s attention. In fact, she thrived on it. It was an odd craze to want to be popular but not giving a damn of their opinions. All that really mattered was that they knew who she was.

Her fingers raked over the ceramic backdrop. Black nails scraped over a brilliantly painted canvas. She grinned. ‘What is it about the night that makes me so alive? Oh yeah… Nocturnal.’ She laughed aloud. She could see Rain chatting with younger fans even though the Koorime wasn’t in eye distance. Rain was simple like that. Give her a smile and she’ll she satisfied for six hours. Cody needed much more, a lot more.

‘Oh baby, give me party lights. Turn up the bustin’ sound. Don’t ever stop the night. I won’t stop the nights as long as you keep comin’ back around. Don’t, oh no, don’t stop the night.’ Cody’s makeshift lyrics came to a screeching arrest. She halted in her doorway, leaving the prep room before her. A deviant smirk crept over her face as she entered the room. Grabbing her swivel chair, she straddled it backwards.

The dark eyes gazed across to her couch where Yosaku Kishimura sat. He was new at school, a classified “hunk”. Already the popular blondes, or as Cody called “Clippings” because they tried to make them look like magazine fashion models, had already began to sink their manicured nails into him. However, because one specific clipping was Miyu Nimuwa, Cody felt the urge to interfere. To lure him her way was easy, all it took was a little dance tease atop lunch tables.

Maybe it was her style, or perhaps her looks, or it could be her I’ll-do-as-I-damn-well-please demeanor that attracted him. Either way, which of course she didn’t care, he was hooked.

“Great dancing out there.” He whispered. Wasn’t sure why, it just seemed appropriate to whisper at a time like this. Cody allowed a slow, lazy grin to spread. “Yeah, I’m just good like that.” Yosaku nodded, because Cody was good like that. There was just something about her that nobody else could come close to. “So… what do you have scheduled now?” Cody shrugged, glancing up to the Roman numeral clock above her couch. “I might go to another party to have myself some entertainment.” She grinned, lacing her fingers on the back of her chair. More than likely, she would go to Makai to find a youkai to flirt with. She’d tease him, let the poor neko feel he had a chance—for some reason she felt neko was on the menu for tonight—and take him to “her” home. Unbeknownst it would be Trinity’s were they could rightly mummify his corpse. That was what Trinity had been asking for lately. Or maybe she wanted a lycanthrope?

“That’s cool.” Yosaku murmured. Cody gave a slight nod. She smiled over at him. Yosaku was good-looking, but she had no real interest in him. He was dyed blonde, brown-eyed, and dressed in baggy shirts over tight pants. His hair was wavy and pushed back from his eyes. His skin was naturally tan but he had a bleach spot on the lower half, right side of his jaw. He had dimples, too. Cody didn’t like that. For some reason, it always made people look so happy. She liked her men dark and brooding. They had to be “angsteh”.

Dark orbs blinked. Angst… Sasuke! She smiled to herself, but Yosaku smiled back. Cody suddenly came up with a much better plan, as she usually did. Most of her adventures originated as spur of the moment ideas. It had been a while since her last visit to Konoha. Poor Sasuke had been neglected of her loveable self for too long. That was almost melancholy. She would certainly fix up such tomorrow! Tonight she could pack, perhaps spend the night at Tenten’s. If that was the case, she could even flirt with Neji! Now Neji Hyuuga was ded-sexeh. Lee… Eww, he was so not sexy and the infatuation she held for her and Sakura (how could they even be compared?) was a real pain. It would be difficult to get Neji alone, but such was a task for whom? Cody Shirogane-Hideki!

She stood slowly. “Sorry, but I gotta jet. I just remembered I’ve got a vacation tomorrow.” Instant disappointment flooded Yosaku’s brown eyes. It couldn’t be helped, but at the same time this could be a test. If Yosaku was truly hooked, he would return even after she had ditched him a while. It was Hideki tradition. Torture him, make him want you, and if he’s truly something he’ll continue to come back around. You’ll have him leashed, practically looped around your finger. Cody ushered him out so she could change clothes. She may have just changed from her concert outfit, but the new Capri’s and hoodie looked just as sexy even if she didn’t bare any skin for her crushing guys.

“Hey Rain, you ready to go?” Cody called for her friend, but where was Rain? Her ice maiden pal was nowhere to be seen. That was rather odd in that Rain usually didn’t run off on her own. Where could the kid have gone? “Ayuh, Rain’s with Tsume.” Cody blinked over at Derikku and smiled. “M’kay.” He nodded, causing his raven locks to bounce. Derek, his real name, was staring at his knickers now, as he seemed a bit out of it. He was always like that. He, too, was Goth, but very hot. He didn’t go out much and was hardly ever at school because most of his time was spend with his sickly-inclined mother. Derek was Trinity’s younger, human brother. They weren’t related by blood, but due to a spell Trinity cast, his mother was convinced that Trinity was her daughter. Derek knew the truth but didn’t mind all that much. In fact, Cody had suspicions that Derek might love Trinity. Nonetheless, it was of no consequence to her.

“Hey, Derek?” she called sweetly. Derek peered over at her with his black eyes. Trinity also had black eyes. That’s why it was so easy to think they were actually related. Nevertheless, one thing was different in that Derek had dark bags under his eyes that were permanent reminders of sleepless nights and possibly previous drug encounters.

“Ayuh?” He had an odd accent of a Yankee, nobody knew why. Cody smiled innocently. However, there was no such thing for Cody. “Can you give me a ride home?” She pointed to his motorcycle that was currently parked behind him. Derek’s lids drooped slightly as he blinked slowly. A dim brow arched slightly. “Can’t. I’m underage for carrying passengers.” Cody rolled her eyes before snatching up the helmet. “Come on, just keep your helmet on and they’ll never know it was you.” She tossed it to him. Derek groaned, for there was no denying Cody. He tugged on the helmet and mounted. Cody climbed on behind him. Her arms wrapped around his stomach, her fingers weaving against him.

“Hold on this time.” Cody giggled. The last time he took her on the bike, she had used the back end as a launch pad for a midnight flight. Derek turned the key and the bike sputtered to life. He drove off, noting that Cody was molding her body against his back just to get at the self-installed radio. A moment later, Kiss’s Back In Black howled into the still night air while the two punk rockers sped home. Cody laughed merrily. Images of her next day’s adventure came to mind as she hugged Derek tightly, imagining him to be Sasuke. Derek didn’t complain. It was something one grew used to when you had a flirtatious sister and all her equally flirty friends coming about 24/7. Cody was restless, an instinct caused by being nocturnal, but she would sleep. Clairvoyance told her something big was to happen the next day. It would be fun, she would make sure of it.

And just so you know, this is to be a multi-chap story. >_> It's not a drabble... so is it still allowed? @_@
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